Videotheque 2018

The NHdocs Videotheque

Philip Marrett room, New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street

Admission To All Screenings Is Free


Friday, June 1st – 12:00 PM

Film to be announced

Friday, June 1st – 2:30 PM

Food Haven (Jim O’Connor 2017) – 67min – originally screened at NHdocs 2017

A look into the ever-evolving food culture of New Haven Connecticut. A city that at one point was considered one of the most dangerous in America, has focused its efforts into becoming a diverse culinary mecca. Narrated by New Haven’s award winning chefs and diverse locals, enjoy a deeper look into a city that’s national recognition often gets left on the back burner. Small city, big flavor.

Q&A with the filmmaker follows screening

Monday, June 4th – 12:00 PM

Honoring Sandra Luckow

NHdocs is celebrating the work of Sandra Luckow and her 20 years teaching documentary filmmaking at Yale. Luckow, a Yale undergraduate (’87), was one of the first majors in the university’s newly formed Film Studies Program. Her most recent documentary, That Way Madness Lies (2017) was recently awarded the Best Feature Documentary at the Hot Springs International Women’s Film Festival and a special Jury Prize at the Richmond International Festival: it screened in New Haven earlier this year.

Sharp Edges (Sandra Luckow, 1986, 48min)

Sharp Edges, on the then unknown figure skater Tonya Harding, was Luckow’s senior project and won the Sudler Prize––the university’s top undergraduate prize in the Arts. More recently it has served as a source of inspiration for the Oscar-winning I, Tonya (2017).

Documentary Student Shorts (60min) 

A selection of short documentaries by Luckow’s students––most of which engage the vibrant city of New Haven.  These include those of a local political activist and former Latin King, a local New Haven boxer, a student from Africa’s war-torn South Sudan and more.

Monday, June 4th – 2:30 PM

Belly Talkers (Sandra Luckow, 1996, 68min)

This upbeat documentary offers viewers a look into the art and history of ventriloquism, or “belly talking,” as it was called in ancient Egypt. Filmmaker Sandra Luckow is herself a ventriloquist and used her childhood dummy Juanito to express thoughts and feelings she herself was too shy to speak.  Concluding its enthusiastic review, Variety remarked, “Bolstered by interviews with some of the more famous contemporary ventriloquists, the film is a celebration of the arcane entertainment that stands on its own merits. Its director deserves kudos for a novel, joyful approach.”

Q&A with the filmmaker follows screening

The NHdocs Videotheque

Philip Marrett room, New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street

Admission To All Screenings Is Free

Tuesday, June 5th – 12:00 PM

Into The Okavango (Neil Gelinas, 2018) – 91min – Connecticut Premiere

A passionate conservation biologist brings together a river bushman fearful of losing his past and a young scientist uncertain of her future on an epic, four-month expedition across three countries, through unexplored and dangerous landscapes, in order to save the Okavango Delta, one of our planet’s last pristine wildernesses.

Tuesday, June 5th – 2:30 PM

I Am Shakespeare: The Henry Green Story (Stephen Dest, 2017) – 81min – Opening night film NHdocs2017

I AM SHAKESPEARE: The Henry Green Story, chronicles the true life story of 19 year old Henry Green, living a dual life as a brilliant young actor and inner-city gang member, who was brutally shot and left for dead just shortly after his inspiring performance in Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and his remarkable (against all odds) recovery/intestinal transplant received by a 13 year old boy (Jack) who was killed in a car accident on the other side of the country but who still managed to save Henry’s life.

Q&A with director Stephen Dest follows screening

Wednesday, June 6th – 12:00 PM

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (Richard Wormser, 2018)

Q&A with the filmmaker follows screening


Wednesday, June 6th – 2:30 PM

 Love, Work and Knowledge: The Life and Trials of Wilhelm Reich (Glenn Orkin, 2017) – 110min – Connecticut Premiere 

Four days before the outbreak of World War ll, Dr. Wilhelm Reich – a prominent Austrian psychiatrist, physician and outspoken anti-Nazi – arrived in New York with a teaching visa from the New School for Social Research’s renowned ‘University in Exile


The NHdocs Videotheque

Philip Marrett room, New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street

Admission To All Screenings Is Free

Thursday, June 7th – 12:00 PM

Film to be announced

Thursday, June 7th – 2:30 PM

Tlaxcala Dreams (Sueños de Tlaxcala) (Sebastian Medina-Tayac, 2017) – 47min – Featured ay NHdocs2017

Those coming to New Haven from Mexico have dreams––all sorts of them. There is the American dream but also the dream that families divided by borders can somehow be reunited.

Q&A with the filmmakers follows screening