Videotheque 2018 – Thursday, June 7th

The NHdocs Videotheque

Philip Marrett room, New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street

Admission To All Screenings Is Free

Thursday, June 7th – 12:00 PM

The Hill (Lisa Molomot, 2013) – 60min – Featured in the first ever NHdocs in 2014

Set upon building a new school, the city of New Haven claims eminent domain over the Upper Hill neighborhood. While the city argues the building of the new school corresponds to a need for better school facilities, the residents of the area, mostly struggling low-income African-American families, say the decision corresponds to the city’s determination to sanitize the neighborhood in the proximity of the Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Together with the help of community leaders and a civil rights lawyer, the unlikely group of neighbors decides to contest the city’s claim and take the case to federal court. The Hill is a fascinating look at the complex issues surrounding urban planning, gentrification and economic renewal.


Tlaxcala Dreams (Sueños de Tlaxcala) (Sebastian Medina-Tayac, 2017) – 47min – Featured ay NHdocs2017

Those coming to New Haven from Mexico have dreams––all sorts of them. There is the American dream but also the dream that families divided by borders can somehow be reunited.

Q&A with the filmmakers follows screening