Tuesday, June 6th

Admission To All Screenings Is Free (except as noted at Cafe Nine below)

The NHdocs Videotheque

Philip Marrett room, New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street

12:00 PM & 2:30 PM
 (for film details, please click HERE)

The Politics of People (Briana Burroughs, 2017) – 25min

Journey of the N-Word (Frank Harris, 2017) – 55min

Patrolling Sandy Hook (Kelly Quinn and Caroline Clark, 2016) – 20min

Yale Goes to War (Tina Babarovic and Fred Mamoun, 2017)  – 17min

7:00 PM – Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street, New Haven

All The Rage (Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley, David Beilinson, 2016) – 94min – Connecticut Premiere – in competition for the Audience Award for Best Feature Film


Co-Director Michael Galinsky’s father read Dr. John Sarno’s book “Healing Back Pain” in the 1980’s and was miraculously cured of the chronic whiplash he suffered from for years.  The book, which connects pain with emotions rather than structural causes, put Sarno at blunt odds with the medical system.  Though dismissed by peers, Sarno’s work changed the lives of millions, including luminaries like Howard Stern and Larry David.  Dr. Sarno radically predicted that the medical system’s disregard for the true cause of chronic pain — repressed emotions — would lead to an epidemic. This artful and personal film braids Galinsky’s universal story of pain and emotion together with the story of Dr. Sarno’s work, connecting the audience to both the issues and the emotions at play.


Posted by All the Rage on Monday, March 20, 2017

Q & A with Robert D. Kerns, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology and Psychology, Yale University and the filmmakers follows screening

8:00 PM – Cafe Nine, 250  State Street, New Haven – doors open at 7:00 PM, film starts at 8:00 PM, music starts at 9:30 PM – $8 admission – FOR TICKETS CLICK HERE

Daybreak Express (DA Pennebaker, 1953) – 5min – Pennebaker directed his first film, Daybreak Express, in 1953. Set to a classic Duke Ellington recording of the same name, the five-minute short of the soon-to-be-demolished Third Avenue elevated subway station in New York City is the earliest known example of Pennebaker’s penchant for blending together documentary and experimental filmmaking techniques.

65 Revisited (DA Pennebaker, 2007) – 65min – This screening will be followed by a live Decade of Dylan tribute concert.

65 Revisited features footage the director shot for his 1967 film Don’t Look Back.  Both films show Bob Dylan and entourage during their 1965 concert tour of the UK. The newer film shows outtakes from its predecessor and contains several full-length song performances, something the first film did not provide.The film ends with an alternate take on the famous cue-card scene from Don’t Look Back. This time it’s done on a city rooftop rather than in an alley.


Performers include: Frank Critelli, Roger Reale. Brian Stevens, Lys Guillorn, Brenden Toller, Paul Belbusti, Dave Schneider, Jason Hammel (Mates Of State) Shellye Valauskas, Steve Atwood, Rick Mealey, Jim Balga, Dean Falcone & Special Guests.