Student Film Competition 2018

1:00 PM – Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall Street, New Haven

Student Films and Competition

This year we are proud to screen the following 10 student films:

A Nation Afraid  (Alex Ferrante, 2018, Western Connecticut State University) – 8:41min

Blue Feet, Blue Ocean  (Gale Ulsamer, 2018, Engineering & Science University Magnet School) – 14:15min 

Damaged Goods  (Nyamal Tuor, 2018, Yale University) – 9:30min

Grounded  (Chloe Barczak, 2018, Branford High School) – 3:20min

Interference  (Julia Rosenheim, 2018, Yale University) – 39:44min

Grandma Lill: Internet Celeb  (Kevin Droniak, 2018, Western Connecticut State University) – 4:50min

Epic Players  (Edyta Zachara, 2018, Central Connecticut State University) – 4:57min

Passing the Torch  (Sachi Vora, 2018, East Lyme Middle School) – 5:50min 

Behind the Curtains (Michael Bonavita, 2018, Quinnipiac University) – 19:21min

Seeking Sanctuary  (TJ Noel-Sullivan, 2018, Yale University) – 7:45min

NOTE: we will also be screening one additional student film:

Miscellaneous Romance  (Haley Copes, 2018, Southern Connecticut State University) – 10:55min

…but because of its adult nature, we will be screening it during Shorts Block #3 on Thursday, June 7th at 9 PM