Student Competition

The NHdocs Student Competition 2017


1.     Students must be residents of Connecticut or Rhode Island or attend schools in these two states for their documentary to be eligible.

2.     Documentaries must be completed in 2016 or 2017.

3.     Students must have begun their documentary before graduation and completed it within six months of graduation.  Collective efforts (multiple producers, directors, etc) are encouraged but the submitted documentary must be made predominantly by a student or students who meet the criteria for eligibility.

4.      There are two prizes.  A First Prize of $250 plus a G-Tech hard drive and a Second Prize of $100 and a G-Tech portable hard drive.  All films screened at the festival will receive a certificate of participation. An awards ceremony will follow the screening of student films.

5.      Documentaries will only be officially accepted once the requisite media for the screening has been received.  This will include a .mov file or  Blue-Ray plus a regular DVD.

6.     Works in Progress in an advanced stage may be considered.  Acceptance is contingent upon the final documentary being completed two weeks before the festival begins.

7.     DVDs of student documentaries will be donated to the Yale Film Archive after the festival screening.

8.     Please follow the WithoutABox link below, and submit as a Documentary Short, paying the student submission fees.