Shorts Block #3

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Saturday, June 1st at 3:30 PM 

Community Program Room, New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Elm Street, New Haven (entrance on Temple Street, just off the corner of Elm)

Shorts Block #3

The King’s Keeper (Thomas Rowell, 2018) – 12min – Connecticut premiere – in competition for the Audience Award for Best Short Film

In the King’s Keeper we meet two characters, Gajraj and Prahlad at what Prahlad calls a place where “we work for elephants.” Gajraj, a seventy year old tusker who’s name means “King of the elephants,” spent nearly fifty years of his life in chains. When Prahlad first saw him come out of the rescue vehicle and step into the Elephant Conservation and Care Center he says “I had my heart set on him.”

The Dog Healers (Karina Flomenbaum, 2019) – 29min – North American Premiere – in competition for the Audience Award for Best Short Film

Inspired by the theme of the award-winning novel, The Dog Healers is a journey that leads us to discover a magical spirit that dogs and humans share. Is it a dog’s unconditional love or the affection in their eyes that creates this special connection or is it a humans soothing tones or warm touch that completes this circle of love?  This film explores our intuitive nature, expressed by life changing stories that will touch your heart.  Gifts of joy given by service, companionship and therapy dogs that lift the human spirit each day and in times when we need them most.  Perhaps, we have much more to learn from these amazing creatures?

12 seconds of gunfire: The true story of a school shooting (Suzette Moyer & Seth Blanchard, 2019) – 8min – Connecticut Premiere – in competition for the Audience Award for Best Short Film

The short film recounts what happened to Jacob Hall and Ava Olsen, who were first-graders at Townville Elementary School in South Carolina when a 14-year-old boy opened fire on their school playground at recess. Jacob was killed and the movie follows Ava as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of the shooting — from her friend’s funeral to the anguished letter she sends to President Donald Trump asking him to keep kids safe from guns.

Off Stage: Ticker Tape (Chris Schnabel, 2019) – 20min – World Premiere – in competition for the Audience Award for Best Short Film

We travel to Brooklyn, NY to bring you behind the scenes with New Haven band Ticker Tape. Join us as we go inside the release of there debut album ‘Shift Breaks’ and we find out how the band met and how this album came to be!

Some Million Miles (Adam Forrester & Jared Ragland, 2019) – 12min – New England Premiere – in competition for the Audience Award for Best Short Film

Atop Sand Mountain, a sandstone plateau in northeast Alabama infamous for poultry processing, Pentecostal snake-handling, and meth production, we meet Chico, Alice, and Misty, whose lives have been shaped by methamphetamine use. In a series of confessional vignettes, Chico struggles with reintegration into society following a jail sentence; Alice pursues recovery and fights for custody of her daughter; and Misty rebuilds a stable life after ending an abusive relationship. Set within a rural landscape of abundant beauty and deep poverty, Some Million Miles presents a meditation on loss and the search for redemption amidst systemic social and economic marginalization.

Q&A with a number of the films’ directors and/or subjects, moderated by horror film superstar and animal lover Carmine Capobianco, follows screening.