2014 Schedule

please note: There will be a Q&A after each screening with the film’s director.

1:00 The Hill – directed by Lisa Molomot

Clinging to the last affordable housing in a gentrifying city, a group of African-American neighbors fight to save their homes from the wrecking ball when the City of New Haven proposes a huge new construction project on their property. This group takes their case all the way to federal court in a story about 21st century racism.


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 2:30 Errol Morris: A Lightning Sketch – produced & co-directed by Charles Musser

Filmmakers Charles Musser and Carina Tautu travel from New Haven to Fourth Floor Productions to interview Errol Morris in lieu of a personal appearance. They find him still depressed from the harsh critical reception of his documentary Standard Operating Procedure (2008) but also from the senseless and unexpected death of his former editor Karen Schmeer. The melancholic mood is sublimated by a whirlwind of activity: a phone interview with V.S. Ramachandran, preparing his New York Times blog on anosognosia for publication, the finishing of Tabloid, and so forth. After Errol expresses a desire to be filmed playing the cello, the filmmakers try to oblige.  Their efforts take an unexpected twist as the pervading mood of despair finally begins to lift.   “A poignant portrait of the documentarian who claims that writer’s block compelled him to make movies.” –– Film critic Carrie Rickey

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4:00 Tatanka – directed by Jacob Bricca

Kit Bricca was a stalwart of the protest movements of the 1960s and 70s who worked with everyone from Joan Baez to Cesar Chavez to Daniel Ellsberg.  Yet there was another Kit Bricca, the man who sold commodities and life insurance, silver and gold.  And yet another in the guise of his alias Tatanka who was a shamanic healer and clairvoyant.  As 2013 arrives, Kit’s son Jacob arrives at his father’s doorstep in search of answers.  Piecing together the facts of his father’s true identity via never before seen footage from the heady days of the Sixties, motivational videos from the Eighties, and stranger-than-fiction verité scenes in the present, Jacob tells a sweeping story about fate of American idealism and the thin line between dreams and delusions.

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6:00 A BARBECUE with the filmmakers for members of the NHdocs audience

7:00 Every Everything: the music, life & times of Grant Hart – directed by Gorman Bechard

Every Everything is an intimate portrait of drummer/vocalist Grant Hart from the punk band Husker Du. Using a mixture of footage and extensive interviews with the man himself, Gorman Bechard gives you an extraordinary account of this fascinating person’s life. We get a no-holds-barred history of rock and roll and an insider view of the music industry – and it’s this honest style of documentary filmmaking is what really separates this film from other musical docs. Every Everything is an insight into a piece of American musical history, through the eyes and thoughts of a truly fascinating and intellectual individual, who is arguably one of the most influential musicians in the last thirty years.

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