Filmmaking Panels

The Art of the Documentary Interview

Three veteran documentary filmmakers, Karyl Evans (6 time Emmy Award winning filmmaker and Yale Fellow), Allison Argo (6 time National Emmy Award winning filmmaker), and Jennifer Boyd (Emmy Award winning director of over 25 documentaries), talk about the art of the documentary interview from the process of finding the right people to interview, how to technically shoot an interview, how to get the best possible interview, and the ethics of editing the interview.  Recorded June 2, 2019.

Fair Use in Documentary Filmmaking

Filmmakers Joe Tropea (Sickies Making Films) and Gorman Bechard (Color Me Obsessed, a film about The Replacements; Who is Lydia Loveless; Pizza, A Love Story) discuss Fair Use, and walking the fine line of being able to use copyrighted material in your film…for free…sort of. You will learn what “illustrating a point” means, and how that music you so love needs to be removed from your film immediately! Recorded June 1, 2019.