About Us

Gorman Bechard (Executive Director/Lead Programmer) has directed 18 feature films (documentaries and fiction) since 1983, including Color Me Obsessed, a film about The Replacements, Pizza A Love Story, and A Dog Named Gucci.

Katherine Kowalczyk (Director) has been making art for the over 30 years including photography, installations and paintings.

Tony Sudol (Technical Director) has been involved in film & video production, projection of various formats of film, film archiving, and been involved in numerous film festivals.

Our Philosophy: NHdocs was created to bring filmmakers and film lovers together, to build a community, an appreciative audience for documentary films and the people who make them. We are a place where filmmakers from the area and beyond can meet and see each other’s work. We screen films that have been shown at prominent International Film Festivals, as well as documentaries by local filmmakers whose efforts have not found the kind of recognition they deserve. We are resolutely democratic in our embrace of the documentary tradition on the local as well as the international level. We love film. And if you’re reading this, ap- preciate that you, as an audience member, do as well.

Our Origins: NHdocs came together in 2014 when four filmmakers from New Haven, Gorman Bechard, Jacob Bricca, Lisa Molomot, and Charles Musser, gathered together for the first time . . . in Missoula, Montana. That’s right:  The Big Sky Documentary Festival in Missoula. And despite being from the same town, a few of us had never met before.  It made us realize how desperately New Haven needed a film festival that could bring filmmakers together and help build community.